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Skål Symposium: Kansen herkennen in toerisme

vrijdag, 24 april 2015

Symposium16Op 27 september 2016 vond in Villa Uyt den Bosch het 7de Skål Symposium ‘Kansen herkennen in toerisme’ plaats. Ruim 75 directeuren en senior managers uit de toeristische sector bezochten het symposium. Ze luisterden naar drie gepassioneerde betogen van ervaringsdeskundigen.

Broodnodige inspiratie voor een branche in beweging. 

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ETAG Speech on Visa Package

Last week, on June 24, 2015, ETAG (European Travel and Tourism Advisory Group) President Henk Schüller delivered a speech at the event on Visa Package at the European Parliament. The event was organized by ETAG together with European Parliament Intergroup for Tourism and Culture & Tourism Task Force.

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International Skål Council Mid-Year Meeting, Haarlem

woensdag, 22 april 2015

ISC HaarlemSkål International Amsterdam-Haarlem hosted the 2015 Mid-Year meeting of the International Skål Council which was held at the Van der Valk Hotel Haarlem.

Representatives from 25 Skål countries/areas attended the two day meeting which for the first time included an ISC Only session on the second day which allowed the Councillors to discuss and deliberate on issues other than the usual business matters dealt with at the plenary session. The extra day was a great success and has been endorsed by the Council for future Mid-Year meetings.